Ivins hospitalized again


Meditate, pray, light a candle- do whatever you can do to send Molly Ivins your love and care. In her ongoing battle against cancer, she’s once again been hospitalized.

I remember hearing Molly speak years ago, in Austin, on the eve of the first Iraq war. There had been a gathering at one of the churches on the Drag, and Molly was in attendance as a member of the community, not a speaker, but as people rose and spoke about their reactions to the latest bad news, the frustration and anger was growing and the direction of the comments was getting less and less focused. Molly stood up and while I no longer remember her exact words, I do remember that she urged people to take action, not just talk about it, and to remember that we still had the power to make change. I also remember that what she said seemed to ground everyone.

Her latest column: Stand Up Against the Surge

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