Wrapped up in ‘dis special CIA napkin!



Firedoglake continues to lead the pack in covering the Libby trial and today features a guest appearance from Leftcoaster eRiposte, focusing on the tangled web of secret dossiers, reports, public statements, coverups, then coverups of coverups, and of course, plain old blatant lies about Iraq obtaining African uranium. eRiposte lays out how Britain colluded to help the Bush Administration cover its ass.

Partly, this was to save face because their White Paper had already made the uranium from Africa claim; but it is also quite likely that they stuck by their claim to provide the last bit of support to Bush in the aftermath of Joseph Wilson’s op-ed and the Bush administration’s retraction of the SOTU uranium claim in July 2003, shortly before the expose of Valerie Plame’s CIA identity.

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