“I’m from Texas, where Molly Ivins is!”

Homemade video from Rheinhard

Oh my, Rheinhard, this really got to me. It’s got everything: Jim Hightower, a Leslie Cochran namecheck, pathetic evil nemesis Mark Weaver, masturbation, John Henry Faulk, South Austin, and of course, Molly being Molly:

“The important part is at this end. It’s where we start to make this a better country.”

2 Responses

  1. Molly Ivins lives on!
    Here is another video I posted on my site…


  2. I never get tired of hearing that repressed little idiot Chisum referred to as “a bible thumpin’ dwarf from Pampa!”

    I used to use “merely a hobbyist” as an email and post sig. Few people got it.

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