Obsessed poo-slinging hack on the loose


When John Edwards hired Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon) and Melissa McEwan (Shakespeare’s Sister) last week, it’s likely it was because he takes the potential of netroots/blogtopia seriously. After this past year’s elections, anyone who still doesn’t is not paying attention. Further, politics being politics, one assumes Edwards’ team vetted their potential blogmaster candidates pretty thoroughly and knew what – and who – they were getting when they made Amanda the offer.

So Michelle Malkin’s clumsy ‘crusading‘ the last couple of days should not be mistaken for something it’s not. Not only is it not blowing the lid off any vast Pandagonian cover-up, it’s not even exploiting a valid incongruity. Edwards didn’t hire Amanda to build his campaign platform for him. He didn’t hire her to counsel him on the issues, and he didn’t hire her to shake hands with church ladies. He hired her to do something she does well: run a responsive and effective blog. His blog btw, a campaign blog, not a snarky feminist blog.

So, not unlike a monkey throwing its own crap in a situation where it has no real advantage, Michelle Malkin is throwing whatever comes to hand at Edwards. Malkin, most likely following zookeeper orders, is trying to draw a line in the sand and make Edwards cross it.

The candidate who, more than any other Democratic contender thus far, has tried to stake out the “moral authority” ground early on in the campaign, who spoke in Riverside Church on Martin Luther King’s birthday even; this man hired an opinionated, feminist, snarky blogger who uses profanity on her own blog. (I’m sure everyone else employed in Edwards campaign is either a church deacon or a nun.)

Malkin and her keepers are trying to crack all this open like a big polarizing piñata. If Edwards hangs onto his “incoherent’ and ‘profanity laced’ blogmaster, his moral authority is tarnished. If he backs down and fires her, he could look like a non-savvy wuss who didn’t have his shit together, and possibly lose netroots cred in the bargain.

It’s not the time to go after Hillary, Biden and Obama are cancelling each other out this week anyway, so why not throw some poo at Edwards? Moreover, since this is a tempest in a teapot, and since Edwards is probably not scaring them very much (hehhhh, moral authority- hogwash! Go fuck yerselves with your moral authority), they’ve called up their C-string dirty tricks squad. It’s not Malkin’s credibility they need. She’s a poo slinger. Now, to her credit, she slings it like she really means it, but she’s not a Kristol, or even a Buchanan.

She’s a third string poo slinger.

It’s important to use the right tool for the job after all.

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