Sins of omission, continued.

Scout has a must-read post at First Draft on the tragedy that is New Orleans public housing, post-Katrina.

I know from experience (thank you Hurricane Celia) what it’s like to lose a house and family livelihood to a force of nature. Even as a kid, I felt the impotence and shock and vulnerability of that, and I remember being frightened that my parents weren’t going to survive the stress and strain.

However, when my family lost our house and my father’s shrimpboat to the hurricane, we moved in with my grandmother down the street from our old home, and within the same year, we were back in a new home on the same location, with help from federal loans. My father was able to get back to work in a new boat, also with assistance from government loans.

And even yet, with all that good luck and assistance, it was awful, to say the least.

What I can’t imagine is how it must feel, to: one, be displaced from your community, jobs, your childrens’ school, relatives, everything- and dumped elsewhere. Two, to be raped and pillaged by carpetbagging opportunists while you’re down and out. Three, to have no access to remediation from the federal government. Because four, they’re helping the carpetbaggers instead.

Add to that the infuriating fact that you can’t get access to what viable housing is still left, especially if that includes your own undamaged apartment or house.

Any one of those things is a life-altering trauma. It’s unimaginable what it must feel like to deal with all of them, and more.

Not that it can be excised from the overall context of the entire Katrina clusterf*ck, but the enormity of this one issue alone is overwhelming.


2 Responses

  1. i guess we are a bit fortunate over here in the uk, but with the climate changes as they are then who knows what the future holds for all of us.

  2. dan, I think there’s a lot of over-simplification of climate change, at least as it’s explained in the media. While some truths seems safe to predict, I don’t think anyone knows for sure what will happen and where it will happen.

    So, I guess, as you say, who knows?

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