God damn Chris Clarke!

It’s not enough that he posts a picture of the scariest bunneh in the world, but just as I was making a conscious effort (vowing, mind you, I was vowing) to let bloggergate go, despite residual esprit d’escalier, he goes and posts a link to this, about support for Edwards from the religious left (the real one):

Whether one agrees with Marcotte’s and McEwan’s statements or not, whether one is offended or not, is not so much the issue. The issue is whether a hit-piece from a bigoted partisan on low-level employees is going to drive the public discussion — and whether it’s going to do so without context.

To say that you don’t respect Donohue but that he may have a point here is to miss the point. To draw conclusions from individuals who don’t represent organizations and to neglect both the provenance of a charge and its motivations is equally irresponsible.

Which dovetails with this and this from Athenae, someone I should not, in good faith, curse, because she just gave me a guest gig.

Cocksuckers, the both of you!


Friday Night Video

Care to have a sip from MY grail, Mr. Donohue?

I have come to claim Marilyn Monroe’s body

by Judy Grahn

I have come to claim Marilyn Monroe’s body
for the sake of my own
dig it up
hand it over
cram it in this paper sack
hubba hubba hubba

Look at those luscious long brown bones
that wide and crusty pelvis
ha ha
oh she wanted so much to be serious
but she’ll never stop smiling now
has she lost her mind
Marilyn be serious
they’re taking your picture

And they’re taking the pictures of
eight young women in New York City
who murdered themselves for being pretty
by the same method as you
the very next day after you
I have claimed their bodies too
they smile up out of my paper sack
like brainless Cinderellas

the reporters are furious
they are asking me questions
what right does a woman have to Marilyn Monroe’s body?
and what am I doing for lunch?
ha ha they think I mean to eat you
their teeth are lurid and they want to pose me
leaning on the shovel, nude
don’t squint
but when one of the reporters comes too close
I beat him
bust his camera with your long smooth thigh
and with your lovely knuckle bone
I break his eye

Long ago you wanted to write poems
Be serious, Marilyn
I am going to take you in this paper sack
around the world, and
write on it: —the poems of Marilyn Monroe—
Dedicated to all princes,
the male poets who were so sorry to see you go,
before they had a crack at you.

They wept for you
and also they wanted to stuff you while
you still had a little meat left in useful places
but they were too slow.

Now I shall take them my paper sack
and we shall act out a poem together:
“How would you like to see Marilyn Monroe,
in action, smiling, and without her clothes?”
We shall wait long enough to see them make familiar faces
and then I shall beat them with your skull.
hubba. hubba. hubba. hubba. hubba.

Marilyn be serious
today I have come to claim your body for my own

Edward the Dyke and Other Poems

Oakland Women’s Press Collective; 1ST edition (1971)

Friday Parrot Blogging

This is the first time I’ve tried the new Splashcast toy.

If you listen carefully at the beginning, you can hear Possum torturing Ira in the background, then slurping water after he gets slapped.

Pretty much my everyday sitch at home- two bouncy dogs and cat underfoot, with the parrot attached to my person.

[splashcast BCGA1450AC]