Friday Parrot Blogging

This is the first time I’ve tried the new Splashcast toy.

If you listen carefully at the beginning, you can hear Possum torturing Ira in the background, then slurping water after he gets slapped.

Pretty much my everyday sitch at home- two bouncy dogs and cat underfoot, with the parrot attached to my person.

[splashcast BCGA1450AC]


5 Responses

  1. Way cool! He (?) sure looks sweet.

  2. He can be.

    (most of the time he is, but as you know, they are capable of great devilry)

  3. Awww….that is one severely happy bird!

    Okay, I am really going to have to do some more parrot blogging….

  4. Tlazolteotl, yes you must!

  5. Have either of you ever seen:

    Thor’s Cape Parrot Site – Poicephalus Robustus Robustus Fusicollis Suahelicus

    Amazing site. Be sure and watch the videos.

    Thor and my little guy came from the same breeder.

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