God damn Chris Clarke!

It’s not enough that he posts a picture of the scariest bunneh in the world, but just as I was making a conscious effort (vowing, mind you, I was vowing) to let bloggergate go, despite residual esprit d’escalier, he goes and posts a link to this, about support for Edwards from the religious left (the real one):

Whether one agrees with Marcotte’s and McEwan’s statements or not, whether one is offended or not, is not so much the issue. The issue is whether a hit-piece from a bigoted partisan on low-level employees is going to drive the public discussion — and whether it’s going to do so without context.

To say that you don’t respect Donohue but that he may have a point here is to miss the point. To draw conclusions from individuals who don’t represent organizations and to neglect both the provenance of a charge and its motivations is equally irresponsible.

Which dovetails with this and this from Athenae, someone I should not, in good faith, curse, because she just gave me a guest gig.

Cocksuckers, the both of you!



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