Closing arguments

Re Libby, Plame, etc, in case you’ve forgotten how we got here and why it matters, Christy does a summation of her own:

This is why I have followed this investigation, this case, this particular trial so closely. And why Jane and I got caught up in making certain that the false narrative of “everybody does it” was not allowed to just sit out there on the surface. Some things are just wrong. Period.

This was wrong. It was fundamentally wrong, for our nation, for our national security, and for the way business ought to be done by the supposed adults who are charged with keeping our nation safe, and not just with saving their own political bacon and trafficking in gossip and innuendo and carefully crafted leaks when it suits their political payback purposes. And for political operatives and craven power junkies like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, who have made their lives and their business running over top of anyone who got in their way because they could, this was, truly, the last straw. That this was done by the highest reaches of power in the Bush Administration — the very people who should be guarding our nation’s national security secrets the closest — was truly the last straw.


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