gonna set ya thing on fiyo!

Years ago in New York, we were at Town Hall, up in the balcony at a concert that featured a variety of multi-culti acts of renown, when the Wild Tchoupitoulas and another tribe whose name I can’t recall took the stage and did a wild call and response battle-down, which started out fairly quiet and slow but gradually got louder. It was in the middle of a long concert and there were some oh so hip NYU cool kids in front of us that were shaking their heads and in general tut-tutting – way too loudly- about how regressive this ‘type of thing’ was, how it was a sad signal of repression and racial identity crisis, blah blah. Thankfully for the rest of us, they decided this was the right time to take a smoke break till the “real” music came back on. As they filed out, the music getting louder and louder, the dancing faster and faster, the guy (total stranger) standing next me leaned close so I could hear him above the music: “Yo, that was some SAD shit, right? Identity crisis my ass!”

(tip: play both vids at the same time)


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