“As I stand here opposed”


See this guy? Remember this face. This is the face of an elected official who actually took a stand on an issue because it was the right thing to do, even though it might cost him his seat. Take a look, folks, because you don’t see this very often.

Dan Zwonitzer, a straight state rep in Wyoming, voted to defeat a bill that would have allowed Wyoming to ban recognition of legal same-sex unions — it died in committee.

Oh, and one other thing. He’s a Republican.

What Pam says:

What makes Zwonitzer inspiring and so deserving of praise is that the risk he took, in Red State America, as a straight ally. He was willing to put his neck and political career on the line to do what is right — he is a Republican doing so at a time when Democrats in much more favorable political environs are spineless, calculating and treating us like ATMs and pariahs as it suits them.

Be sure and read all of Zwonitzer’s statement at the link. An excerpt:

I have two of my precinct committee persons behind me today who are in favor of this bill, as I stand here opposed, and I understand that I may very well lose my election. It cost 4 moderate Republican Senators in Kansas their election last year for standing up on this same issue. But I tell myself that there are some issues that are greater than me, and I believe this is one of them. And if standing up for equal rights costs me my seat so be it. I will let history be my judge, and I can go back to my constituents and say I stood up for basic rights. I will tell my children that when this debate went on, I stood up for basic rights for people.


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