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I think you’ll all agree that Ira is a lock for best supporting actor here.

The cinematography leaves a lot to be desired in the first 20 secs.

As for Possum, he’s been workshopping “sit” for while but it’s only recently that he’ll do it reliably, even if he’s doing something more fun. He was seven months old when I got him and he came with some issues and a complete lack of training. We’ve really turned a corner lately though. We’ve already got the sequel, “Down,” in the can, and we’re scouting locations for “Stay.”

[splashcast GMNM3081IV]

FanVid Saturday slumber party: TiBette, the way they were…sniff

A lesbionic double-header fanvid! Dusty Springfield meets The L Word. This makes use of that Bette and Tina Flashback of Scary Clothing and Hair, which I think was in… S2? Anway, the point being that Bealls brings the sexy, regardless of packaging, as Bette reels Tina in.

Oh, and Tina? Don’t even… Girl, I stuck up for you for two seasons. No! It’s over.

You’re dead to me. Wesley should have left you in that closet.

vid by didie211