GOP Rep Dan Zwonitzer and Marriage Equality, con’t.

There is a longer, and hopefully more original, post coming on this issue but in trying to avoid it becoming over-pedantic, preachy, self-referential, and confusing, I’ve gotten bogged down in editing and re-editing it and have now run out time to finish before work. So, since I won’t have a chance to attend to that during the day and since I don’t want to get too far past real-time events, here’s a quicker, summary follow-up to this story about Wyoming Republican state representative Dan Zwonitzer speaking out for marriage equality.

Pam, of course, is all over it, along with a key parallel issue, which is that the Human Rights Campaign is paying attention to the Zwonitzer story only under pressure from GLBT netizens. HRC story, short version: day late, dollar short, not surprising. There’s just something about the concept of “advocacy” they seem to be missing…

Michael Petrelis has also been working hard on the whole story, with both a dKos diary and at The Petrelis Files, with a post highlighting some of the letters of support Zwonitzer has received.

Read these letters, folks. Don’ t just skim them, read them. You’ll see, from this response, that marriage equality is not just a “gay issue.” You’ll see that a lot of people, not just gays, are thankful for some leadership on this and haven’t heard anything- not anything substantive-from leading Democratic candidates and congresspeople, and very little from the leading progressive bloggers.


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