Happy Birthday, LD!

Lesbian Dad is celebrating her first blog-birthday. I started occasionally lurking over there sometimes close to the end of the Weblog Awards rollercoaster. The exceptional writing and photography got me hooked and now LD is a daily (at least) stop.

Many happy returns to the truly lionhearted Baba, the Beloved, Monkey and Peanut.
[splashcast YLZD9505ZU]

Video via The Internet Archive


2 Responses

  1. I am speechless with gratitude, v-tex! Also I have to say that we all crowded around the computer screen and I for one managed to watch the entirety of the video with my mouth open wide enough for a wee bird to fly in and out of it. As I write this, we’re at repetition #6, by popular demand. It is only a matter of time before the girlie starts doing the electric slide whilst chanting, “Hey, hey that’s my monkey!”

  2. hey, the Internet Archive is a treasure trove. I was just going to try and find some funky/vintage birthday graphic but then there was this and it was all kinds of appropriate, down to the scary/destructive/ultimately benevolent dragon. And the monkey song made it imperative. Recommend downloading the large QT file from the IA link- much crisper than the streaming version here.

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