Drive By

Not much time for posting yesterday and likely not today either but I will note two items that pretty much invoked the Jon Stewart patented “cartoon head shake” when I read them:

This, from the happy folks at The Corner, specifically Peter Suderman:

The post “Heartbreaking for the Vice President” discussing yesterday’s NYT article for noting  how hard the Libby trial (and, one assumes,  verdict) has been … for Cheney? You know, personally. Because us  malicious and sniping bloodthirsty Dems keep insisting, for no good reason, of course, that sweet ol Grandpa Cheney is some kind of monster.   This is the head shake moment:

As much as some want to see this case as a sort of abstract judgment on the Bush administration and its perceived sins, it’s a case about human beings with lives and families—and real consequences for them.

Oddly enough, Mr. Suderman makes no note of the real consequences that the actions of the VP and his henchman Li’l Pal Scooter had on the lives of the  Plame-Wilson  family.

Secondly, this from Media Matters.  Seems they’ve been “stalking” poor widdle Michael Savage…


2 Responses

  1. I’d use the word “retarded” but that would be insulting towards the mentally handicapped. Is there a way we can impeach Cheney without a trial? By the time they finish reading of the list of things he’s done, it will be January of 2009 and he won’t be in office anymore.

  2. Personally, I don’t agree with the Dem leadership’s “no impeachment we have more important work to do” plan of action. Inconvenient, divisive, or not, I think if impeachable offenses occurred, they must be prosecuted.

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