More power to Beth Ditto


I mean I don’t really know why they want The Gossip to do things for them, I don’t understand because if they saw me in the street they’d never give me the time of day. I like me, I think that other girls like me, they need people like me, people who feel really strongly and will say no.”

Via NME, that’s Beth Ditto on turning down a request for The Gossip to do a series of in-store performances for British apparel store Topshop. Named Number One on NME’s annual Cool List this past year, the 210-pound lesbian, feminist, fat activist and vocalist extraordinaire turned down the promotional opportunity on the grounds that, while Topshop wants to use her and The Gossip for advertising, the store does not sell clothing in larger sizes. She apparently in turn offered to design such a line for Topshop.

All of which I respond to with a “Hell yeah!”


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