Appliance worship


Whew! I just swept the carpet. With a broom. Things had gotten pretty bad here in la casa de virgotex this week, as 1)housecleaning is the last thing on one’s mind when one has the flu and 2) housekeeping is always near the last thing on this “one’s” mind anyway. So, the dogs had eviscerated a stuffed toy and vanquished several paper pie plates (god love ’em, they’re such cheap dates-they love those paper pie plates) and the floor was littered with the aftermath, plus the usual detritus of of the multi-species household.

AND, the real problem with all of that was that, in a fit of uncharacteristic generosity, I’d lent out my main housecleaning workhorse. My best friend has been having a bunch of messy contracting work done at her place and I let her have the use of both my shop vac and my Dyson Animal. And that’s the Animal with The Ball, bitches!

That’s right folks, I own a Very. Expensive. Vaccum. And I don’t care who knows it. I’m pretty non-materialistic, but when I had a little bit of money in hand after getting bought out by the ex-Mrs. Tex, I got a few longed-for items. A good camera, high-efficiency front-loading washer/dryer, and The Animal. I haven’t regretted it for a nano-second either. I hate carpet and I can’t wait to rip out the stuff and put in wood flooring but I’m probably at least a year from that job. But either way, carpet or wood, it’s tough cleaning up after multiple animals, and this vac makes it a breeze. The BF asked for one more week with the vac and I was sick so I let it slide, but I just called her and put her on notice.


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  1. That’s an excellent Vaccum 🙂

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