Musical kibble?


My two mutts have started a strange little shared ritual. First off, the two of them are different ages. The younger is just barely a year old and has just started eating adult dog food-regular adult dog food. The older is 8 years old and eats senior dog food with glucosamine because he’s got some arthritis. About a month ago, the older dog started leaving a little bit of food, just a couple of bitefuls, not every time he ate but more often than not. The younger dog would then come-after the older dog had clearly finished- and eat those morsels. So after a week or so of this, I started feeding him a little less, but he’d still leave a couple of bites and the younger dog would eat it. I just let them do that.

Then last week, I noticed the older dog was eating out of the younger dog’s bowl when the younger dog was eating from his bowl. So I started watching them, and sure enough, most meals, they each leave a few bites of their own food, switch dishes and finish off the leftover bits in the other’s dish!

Thoughts, anyone?


2 Responses

  1. That’s very sweet. My girlfriend and I “trade bites” all the time… as long as I have something meatless.

    And I love George Booth.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I live in a Booth cartoon.

    they’ve been gracing my (various) fridges for years

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