I got up yesterday, drove through a hellacious thunderstorm to Austin and got on my slightly-delayed flight to DFW, where I had to switch planes. That’s where things got fucked up. Dozens and dozens of flights got cancelled due to the severe weather all over Texas. First my flight out was pushed back two hours, then three, then cancelled entirely. Went into frantic mode for a few hours, standing in lines at two different gates, then waiting to get rebooked onto another airline, which would have put me into New Orleans around midnight, but that flight sold out while I was on hold and there were 23 people on standby in front of me for it. It came to a point where my best bet was a standby spot on a flight that would have arrived in New Orleans this afternoon, after the house gutting was finished. But it was standby and there was every chance I would have waited 24 hours only to be denied. I couldn’t afford a rental car, so I gave up. I finally got on a much-delayed flight back to Austin late last night, stood in line one last time to fill out a lost bag report for my checked bag, which has a favorite pair of Doc Martens inside, then drove home – through a hellacious thundestorm.

I’m frustrated and heartbroken I didn’t get to go.


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  1. virgotex I was so sorry to hear about this. It must have been terribly frustrating and disappointing and you were helpless to do anything about it. I was so looking forward to meeting you. We want to do it again so maybe next time. Take care dear and we really missed you–scout

  2. definitely next time. think I’ll drive though.

    It sounds like it was a really productive experience for everyone.

  3. I just want to echo Scout’s comment above. I was in the van when you called Athenae, and we all were disappointed that you couldn’t join us. I’m definitely hoping to go back to NOLA, so see you there!

    (Glad you’re safe from all the travel woes, too …)

  4. yeah, it was, as they say, a “character building experience”

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