Party on, Eeyore


Joining many other cool and groovy predecessors, including but not limited to Stevie Ray Vaughan and the immortal Terminix Bug, another bit of Austin culture has been memorialized in statuary. On Saturday, this statue of Eeyore, the down-low donkey from A. A. Milne’s Pooh stories, was dedicated in Eastwoods Park. As really old Austin homeys remember (those who still retain a semblance of functional memory), Eastwoods was the original location of the Eeyore’s Birthday party that grew from a small funky celebration started in 1963 by a UT professor into a big ol’ Austin thang. The party outgrew the confines of Eastwoods after a decade, and moped across campus in 1974 to Pease Park, where it is still celebrated every spring.

UPDATED: because ‘statue’ and ‘stature’ aren’t the same thing, and because I forgot to add the link to the history of the event.

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  1. I always identified with Eeyore…

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