Roadside wildflower photoblogging

The wildflower riot is starting.  I’m trying to learn about some of the species that are new to me, so I will be posting quite a few pictures while the getting is good. If anyone notices errors or takes issue with an ID, please let me know. 

Castilleja purpurea var. lindheimeri
(Lindheimer’s Indian paintbrush).  

Erodium texanum
(Texas stork’s bill)


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful colors. I guess Texas got plenty of rain?

    In So. Cal. it is as dry as a bone and the wildflowers are scarce…at least around my house on Orange County.

  2. Yes, as of last week, we are even technically out of drought. However, the aquifers are all still below the recharge level at which they need to be, so we can’t rest too easy. But, it’s been a very wet spring in an above average year for this area. Right now, all the vegetation is full and plump and bursting and swollen and lush, and the creeks and rivers are running well. It’s lovely. Not so great for allergy sufferers, but very beautiful.

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