Negative space

Yes, so I’ve been sort of absent this week, a prodigal blogger, I know. You know that old song, “I Enjoy being a Girl”? Well, there’s a reason it wasn’t called “I Enjoy being a Middle Aged Woman.” Things went a bit haywire this week and my heretofore fairly reliable carcass got out of whack. Not a full blown hull breach, more of plasma core malfunction resulting in rolling systemic outages.  Likely not serious, but I was cranky and didn’t feel much like sharing for a day or two.  Meds have been obtained, stasis has been restored, and surprisingly no hostages have been taken. And now I’ve got an upcoming date with an endocrinologist to look forward to.

Speaking of out of whack, it’s currently 32 degrees and sleeting here, with snow predicted after midnight, fer chrissakes!!!


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  1. Of course when things like this happen my first thought is, ‘Can I fix it if I reverse the polarity?”

    Glad you feel better. Me. allergies. Grrrr.

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