So it goes

Goodbye Mr. Vonnegut.


I once saw you once, years ago, somewhere on the Upper East Side. I don’t remember where exactly, only that it was the kind of block where it was unusual to see a rumpled old man with wild hair sitting on the steps. It was the entrance to some antiseptic office building and you were sitting on the very bottom step, so low that at first I thought you were crouched on the sidewalk. You looked up and of course, you were instantly recognizable, and my first impulse was sadness because, well, you looked sort of out of it and you were sitting on the sidewalk. Then, you looked up and down the street and took a piece of paper out of your pocket, an address maybe? Whatever it was, it made you smile, and I no longer felt sad because you suddenly looked very grounded, sitting there in the sun. Then, the light changed and I crossed the street.


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