FanVid Saturday Slumber Party: In a Second You’ll be Wrapped Around My Finger

vid by smgjunkie


3 Responses

  1. ohh sexay. Buffy v. Faith was hands-down my favoritest plotline from that show. Something about the whole, light/dark//really the same thing (slayers, in this case), yin/yang…very zen, y’know? 😀

  2. Now I remember why Buffy/Faith was my very first ship! Makes me want to pull my old fanfiction and pass the time on a rainy Sunday.

  3. Oh my, Ivy, don’t tell me you’re jumping the Good Ship Wiffy?!!!

    defen, I’ve always been a Buffy-Willow ‘shipper, but of course, Buffy-Faith was canon and it WAS delicious. I pretty much think Buffy, Faith, and Willow were all points on the same spectrum. Whatever, Season 3 gave us a very rich text, no?

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