Canyon Lake Gorge, Part 3


The gorge is part of the Trinity Aquifer recharge zone and the dynamics of groundwater are evident everywhere. Here, runoff falls from one level to the next. At the top of this photo, note the shallowness of the topsoil—this is fairly constant for most of the Edwards Plateau region. Limestone is rarely far from the surface.



Some of the water we saw was simply runoff from recent hard rains but this pool is constant. The mineral content gives the water a bright light blue color. Again, note the evidence of the original floodwaters that tore the limestone out at this bend.


The limestone here teems with strange patterns left by rudist bivalves. These animals constructed reefs, similar to coral reefs, in the inland sea that covered this area during the Cretaceous.


Another drop down to a lower level. There are no handy steps or stairs, it’s just gravity, rocks and teamwork as we make our way down the gorge.

Continued in Canyon Gorge Trip, Part 4.


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