Canyon Lake Gorge, Part 4

Yet another type of limestone, and more fossils.

One of the most exciting things revealed within the gorge is a major fault within the Balcones Fault zone, the Hidden Valley Fault, shown above. In the picture, note where the group of people are standing. Behind them, on the left of the picture, the stone is layered horizontally. The stone the group is standing on is layered vertically—see how the fault line between the strata rolls downward just behind their feet.

In the left of the picture above, note the huge pile of debris across the stream from the group. This “sandbar” of massive chunks was deposited as the floodwater took a turn along the fault line.

A closer look at the same pile of debris.


Water spilling from the creases in the limestone, the aquifer at work.

While the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority has plans to develop the gorge in the future for low-impact day use tourism, it will probably be some years before that happens. Currently, only researchers and educational groups are allowed access. It was an incredible treat to explore this area and I hope I can return again.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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  1. wow. absolutely gorgeous.

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