Okay, so don’t ask my why, fer the luv’a God, I remembered. It’s certainly not because I give a crap about Jenna and not-Jenna, but in light of a certain public shameless spectacle, I happened to recall this:

Aides have said President Bush and first lady Laura Bush decided to skip their 22-year-old twin daughters’ graduations because their presence and that of White House security would be disruptive.

So. Let’s review. Three years ago, the President skipped his own daughters’ graduations because he didn’t want to “disrupt” anything but today, at a memorial service for 33 people gunned down yesterday, disruption, not to mention intrusion, opportunism, politicizing a tragedy – none of that seemed to concern him.

Pathetic fucking loser.


AP photo



9 Responses

  1. I wonder if they even let the investigators and detectives finish what they were doing before secret service took over.

  2. grrrrrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrr.

    yep, that’s ’bout all I got.

  3. actually, no, i got a little more:
    Bush’s left brain: Daddy didn’t care about Me, Mommy&daddy weren’t at all of MY graduations – and hey, I turned out Just Fine, right?

    Bush’s Right brain: the Me-diary gave me tons of shit for missing Teh Girlz graduation, AND for being a slow dumbass on 9/11 n Stuff…

    – o What to do! (mommyCondiDick, help meeeee)

  4. k, i just can’t help myself. allow me to rephrase:

    mommyCandYDICK, HELP me….

    I’ve come to the firm conclusion that Bush is dyslexic and, having never gotten the help he needed for it, decided at a young age that anything he could Picture was Good, and anything he Didn’t Understand Completely was evil, wrong, scary and BAD.
    and that 9/11 was America’s Tower of Babel plus Big Bang, only shrub never paid enough attention in school to understand all the symbolism of That Bible story or the science that DIsproves his biblical bias – maybe that’s why he decided to hate the french after their “We are all Americans” headline: Not-me, yet I hear they’ve tried to Identify With Me…well, if they don’t agree with me and everything mommycandyBlackDICKrover says, uh,

    I Hate ’em ALL.

  5. Defen, I’m with ya, except I don’t think Bush gives a crap about the teaching of the Bible, if thats what you mean by biblical bias. I think he’s studied it as a political text only, a way to reach the base.

  6. I’m not so sure anymore that it’s necessarily that exactly; I’m starting to lean more towards, he came into office with a team full of shady advisors telling him that “his faith” was the key to unlocking the country’s heart. In my new little Bush-as-dyslexic-Narcissus theory, it’s like he’s constantly been moving in the exactly *opposite* direction of where the country actually expresses that it wants to go. Thing is, “conservative” is at this point just a watered-down word for “reactionary,” so in trying to be more and more media-Godly, he hasn’t been smart enough to save himself from making a huge ass of himself in the process of trying to fill Daddy’s shoes. Like he’s trying to dodge his mirror image as reflected in the tv camera…or something.

    “Seem smarter” has to mean “talk more good” for the guy who can’t deal with the teleprompter speeches. “Seem like a better president” has to mean “be more like Jeb” for the guy who was sorta-elected mainly on the basis of his charm (as opposed to that wooden fellow from under Clinton’s desk).

    And, uh, we really shouldn’t put Narcissistic dyslexic first sons with serious Oedipus issues in his Daddy’s too-big shoes. I think that 9/11 might have been way, way too literal a version of the Tower of Babel in his mind…and his head’s so fucked up that black *is* white and good *is* isolationism in his head…and the only way to achieve “peace like Daddy left us with” is to tear down the nice big tower of diplomatic relations that the frmr Head of the CIA-Bush left us with.
    [never mind that bin Laden tried to knock down the WTF like five minutes after Bush Sr. left office. No relationship there, no siree]

    I think that “I shoulda seen that comin'” is Bush’s, uh, blind spot and/or mental “black,” and “what I learned in school is the way i should see stuff” is way too much his ‘white’/good. “Read between the lines” became the same thing to him as “pay enough attention to what’s comin’ atcha.” That so-clearly-dire memo from the summer of 2001 is like his mental image of “fire and brimstone,” with mommy as the safe virginal h(e)aven and daddy as the stern C.Intelligence-Dick.

    And we’ve all been living in Shrub’s negative-photograph, darkroom/plato’s cave Id all these years.

    And i want out!!!!!

    [I seem to have been having a hard time makin’ sense lately, so apologies in advance if necessary 😉 ]

  7. I love it.

    Though I think he’s more craven and calculating than you paint. I want him to have culpability. Because culpability means responsibility knowingly abdicated.

  8. Oh no, I agree with you on that. I just think that where he *first* abdicated his responsibility as president wasn’t in not being technically up to the job, but in surrounding himself with the worst possible team of advisor/shield supporters.

    And it was all downhill from there. Bush looks into Rove’s brain like one would a mirror, and I think they share the same reptile brain. Shame! on them 😦

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