From the Department of “Heh”

Who knew?

What a shock.

Who could have possibly foreseen that aging impressionist Rich Little wouldn’t be funny?  Instead, that he would, in fact, “bomb” at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner:

Rich Little, with shockingly dyed hair, said at the outset that he is “not political” but rather a “nightclub performer who does a lot of dumb, stupid jokes,” then proved that.

He started with a couple of Canada (his native country) jokes and a weak Sen. John McCain, which bombed, as did an impression of.Arnold Schwarzenegger, causing him to look at the crowd askance. “You thought Colbert was bad,” he finally joked.

Despite (or because of) the fact that a great many guests actually walked out in the middle, Little’s lame routine did earn him a “heckuva job:”

Speaking to E&P afterward, probably aware that his routine went over rather poorly, he said, “this is not the easiest audience in the world.” But he said Bush told him when it was over, “absolutely perfect.” 


2 Responses

  1. But he said Bush told him when it was over, “absolutely perfect.”

    How did he compare to Gonzales?

  2. Little probably is telling the truth when he says he doesn’t recall much.

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