Pro Life Bomb

Someone taking a quick look at the Statesman today could easily miss the fact that a live bomb was found at a local abortion clinic yesterday. I guess we should be glad they still have a story at all?

A package found Wednesday in the parking lot of a South Austin women’s clinic that performs abortions contained a bomb that could have seriously injured or killed people had it not been spotted by a clinic employee, officials said Thursday.

A terrorism task force made up of local and federal investigators is still trying to determine who left the package near the Austin Women’s Health Center at 1902 S. Interstate 35, north of Oltorf Street, and are reviewing footage from the clinic’s security cameras.

During a news conference Thursday, investigators declined to be more specific about the contents of the package — which was in what Austin Assistant Police Chief David Carter called a “carry-all bag” — other than to say that it contained explosive powder.

Two sources familiar with the contents, who didn’t want to be identified because of the ongoing investigation, said the device also contained nails. Jimmie Oxley, a nationally known explosives expert and chemistry professor at the University of Rhode Island, said bomb makers often add nails to devices to make them deadlier.

Amanda has more.

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