Maybe it was trying to find the haunted railroad crossing?

SAN ANTONIO — Police turned on their sirens, then tried to soothe the troublemaker with a lullaby, but this was one stubborn traffic problem on the freeway.

“I don’t remember any of this in the academy,” said Officer Albert Silva, the first to arrive on the scene of the traffic jam. “As far as I know, there’s no procedure on this other than: ‘Don’t get bit.'”

The cause of the traffic jam was an 8-foot alligator resting on Loop 410 early Sunday.

And it wasn’t going to be scared easily. Police yelled and threw orange traffic cones at the gator, but it wasn’t impressed. It snapped the cones and flung them away — even taking a chunk out of a patrol car’s bumper.

Finally, using a lasso and metal poles, officers coaxed the alligator back into a drainage ditch leading to Mitchell Lake, where it probably lives.

State game warden David Chavez couldn’t explain why the gator crawled on to the freeway.

“They keep to themselves,” he said. “They don’t go out looking for trouble.”

(NOTE:for the San Antonio-uninitiated, the post title refers to this bit of folklore)


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