Susie Bright universalizes Oakland’s melting freeway. Preach it, girl:

It’s hard for a spectacular disaster like this not to incite darker thoughts. I was disgusted to see that some of the local media were quick to remark that that so far, this wasn’t considered a “terrorist incident.” OH FUCK OFF.

Of course this wasn’t “terrorism”— this is the cost of of living in America today. Basic public services, be they schools, hospitals, freeways, food safety, etc. are all blown to smithereens because our government is so Caligula-esque in their corruption, so lax, so disdainful of what happens to “the little people,” that you cannot depend on anything to work, run, or operate in a remotely reliable fashion.

Every time we need a dollar for something that millions of people need, “the numbers don’t work.” Yeah, it’s a HECKUVA job all over again.

And Scout reaches pretty much the same conclusion in yet another chapter of the faulty pump saga in NOLA.


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