From the Department of “Heh”


image via fadiddle

The “view from the Bush bunker” story is all over Blogtopistan today, and despite the larger— global— impact of Dear Leader’s tantrum mentality, I find it impossible to resist indulging in at least a little Schadenfreude. I was particularly struck by the following, via Sean-Paul Kelly quoting The Nelson Report quoting an anonymous Republican reader about Bush:

“‘I really wonder whether his failure to distinguish between necessary toughness and catastrophically shoot-ourselves-(America)-in-our-foot pigheadedness results from biological anomaly. His inability to harvest experience, and so to think and form successful judgements, is just so inexplicable.'”

Actually it’s not inexplicable at all. See, Bush’s interests–his legacy, his leverage vis-a-vis Congress and the like–diverge starkly from those of the U.S., the World Bank and the international community insofar as this: if it doesn’t benefit Bush or redound to him in some positive way–most often only in a short term, expedient political sense–it’s not worth the effort.


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