So yesterday afternoon turned into transplanting time at chez virgotex. I hadn’t really planned it but one thing led to another — it started with the chives. They weren’t doing well where they were, and I had concerns about them in a metal pot to begin with, since I use them in food. So they went into a larger clay pot. A little Tradescantia had gotten leggy, with entire strands dead in the plastic hanging pot I purchased it in and I needed that pot for one of two hanging ferns in the house, so I separated the brown dead strands from the still living ones and put the green parts in a cute little elephant planter. The pencil cactus has been needing a more appropriate container for a long time, since it was also in a green hanging pot that didn’t show it off well at all. So it went into a big flat terra cotta bowl which will likely be temporary. Now I had two empty plastic containers for each of the pot-bound hanging ferns in the kitchen. While I was in transplant mode, I also gave the wandering water spinach a better home, one of the old white enamel buckets I inherited from my mother who probably got them from her mother. They’re great for things that can stand a little extra moisture. For my finale, I separated out a kalanchoe and a tired little cyclamen from an arrangement I got at work that had four plants stuffed into it. The kalanchoe went into an old rounded clay pot and the struggling cyclamen went into the metal container the chives had been in, which should hold it for the summer, since supposedly they aren’t that active in warmer months.

Today, I’ll finish off re-potting the hanging ferns. Now that I think of it, there are three other inside plants that could probably use some more room….


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