Wait, I can’t see it…are you sure it’s there?

Senator Harry Reid today about the Democrats caving on the no-deadline version of the Iraq funding bill:

So I think we have to look at the progress that has been made.

OK, let’s look:


QUESTION: How about exit dates and timelines or withdrawal strategies or language in the bill? Isn’t that a significant concession by your side?

REID: First of all, it hasn’t been determined what we’re going to have in that. But keep in mind the progress that we have made. Even the Republicans now have timelines. Remember, they wouldn’t accept our timelines in the bill that was vetoed? And they’re talking now about a plan B, which basically is what was in the vetoed bill. So I think we have to look at the progress that has been made. We now have the timeline that the Republicans have set, and that’s this September. And that’s the very least. And then, as I’ve indicated, the defense authorization, we’re going to start right where we’ve left off with this bill, continuing our push to change direction in the war in Iraq. And now we’re being joined by Republicans.

A lot about this bothers me but especially the attempt to make it smell good. I don’t want to hear Democrats using the same kind of crap marketing speak that the Republicans routinely spout.

And while I like the sound of Feingold better, I don’t exactly understand how

Congress should have stood strong, acknowledged the will of the American people, and insisted on a bill requiring a real change of course in Iraq.

stands up in the face of not having the votes to over-ride a veto.  What would be wrong with Democrats telling us the simple truth, leveling with us about where we stand now and what we have to look forward to?


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