Man oh man, is my brain fried tonight.

Today I had to take a big work-related professional certification exam for which I’ve been studying for weeks. Five hours on some of the dryest material in the world, a great deal of which I don’t have much real-life experience with, so the cramming was a bit on the abstract side. I am kind of optimistic that I passed, even though there was a lot I had to think my way through.

Plus math. There was math. Ughhhhhh. Hurty brain.


It’s OVER!!!!

Best Friend and I went out to Polvo’s for food and margaritas afterwards. BF had chili relleno and I had chicken flautas. Then I drove home with the windows down and the stereo up. Am now surrounded by bouncy critters glad to see me.

I’m hoping to crank out some posts. I’m going on a field trip tomorrow and should be able to grab some new butterfly pix.

Let the three-day weekend commence, sez I.


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