Rain barrels

Check out my fancy-schmantzy rain barrels! I ordered these months ago and just hadn’t hooked them up, because I am such a doofus head-up-the-butt procrastinator. Silly, because the only real ‘work’ here was removing the limestone french drain set-up that was previously under the downspout, using those rocks to make a level, stable platform for the barrels, filling in between with some smaller stone, and then trimming the downspout before positioning the barrels underneath. After that, it only took about 15 minutes to put together the hardware. I really dig this system, from Arid Solutions. These short octagonal barrels each hold as much as a standard rain barrel, fit snug against the wall, and can be stacked for twice the capacity in the same footprint.

That gray hose you see in the back is connected to one of the overflow valves, opposite the other overflow with the white cap that you can see at the top. I’ve got that hose running out to another part of yard, but it could also be used to connect another barrel if I wanted to expand. The Y-hookup at the very bottom allows for two hose hookups, and also note the cute brass spigot.

I still need add more rocks, tack down the ribbon around the downspout, clean up and finish landscaping but I wanted to get them up before the big rain last night.


double1 double2

UPDATE/NOTE:  I incorrectly assumed I’d closed the brass spigot (instead of opening it) and when I got up this morning, water was flowing out of it. The spigot is 13 inches above the bottom of the tank. If it had been closed, last night’s rain would have, at the very least, filled the bottom tank and more.  So, that’s 54 gallons — at least — of recyclable water from one rain.


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  1. Thank you for the great comments about our rain barrels. I love being able to help people save water.

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