Now you see it, now you don’t

Jon Stewart, a week or so ago

“I just figured out the problem with the Republican party.
The country they want to run is fictional.”

Yesterday, from BAGnews Notes:
Next Week, The Only Casualty Left In Iraq Will Be … Reality

At first glance, making a conflation of the two items above might seem a bit of a cherry pick.  Stewart (I can’t find video of it) was ridiculing the 2008 slate of Republican candidates spinning “The Iraq War is just like 24, only scarier” for their own campaign purposes, while the BAGnews piece deals with the looming crackdown forbidding the use of photos of wounded soldiers without consent.

The intersecting set, though, is  the reality of war, its uses, its value, who gets to exploit it, who gets access to it, why, and why not.


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