Estimating the “familyness” of a recently unladen lesbian

You are now in the Logical Reasoning section of the exam:

Two single lesbians traveling at inconstant speeds in opposite directions experience a series of intersections during the fourth quarter of the first year of the final decade of the previous century, at roughly the same time as the final build up to the First Gulf War.

The intersections, or collisions, occur in various strata of Austin Slacker era grooviness, with varying degrees of randomness: at a party of a mutual friend, during a breakfast taco run, in the aisles of the legendary used bookstore on Guadalupe where one of them is employed, at least once at the food co-op across the street from the bookstore, during either/or both an anti-war march and/or protest meeting, “accidentally” during a post-midnight dogwalk in their shared neighborhood, before and/or after at least two poetry readings, and finally, by direct invitation, at one of two’s own birthday party, following which they begin to meet exclusively by design, some of which meetings can actually be defined as “dating.” This phase last roughly three months.

Physical proximity increases, physical intimacy commences, and quite soon both lesbians begin traveling in the same direction, at increasingly constant speeds, through the same strata, until either no longer identify as a “single” lesbian. This phase lasts occurs in several different US cities, in various domiciles, is ritualized by two commitment ceremonies on different sides of country, continues through sickness and health, good times and bad, and lasts approximately 13 years.

At around roughly the same time as the buildup to the Iraq war, conflicts of varying intensity begin to degrade and decrease the velocity of the pair, motivations grow less shared, relations grow increasingly marked by drama and strain, and direction of travel begins to vary at an increasing rate. This phase last about two years and comes to a complete, abrupt halt during the first quarter of 2006, approximately 15 years after the journey began.

QUESTION: At what point can the two lesbians be defined as a “family” and at what point does that classification become no longer relevant and/or accurate?

[Write on both sides of the page if necessary. You may use your calculator. Turn in your exam books, extra pages of paper, pencils and all other exam materials to the proctor as you exit the testing facility]


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