“Let’s get back to the gabbagool.”

“Let’s get back to the gabbagool.”
Dr. Melfi, “Fortunate Son,” Season 3

My patience for The Sopranos began wearing pretty thin last season. Nonetheless, I’ve been raptly watching the final 9 episodes, as Tony’s house of cards has finally begun to collapse.

You know when I got chills during last night’s episode? After the heads-up from Agent Harris, when Tony tosses his just-purchased capicola into the garbage can. Not only because that’s some expensive cold cuts to waste, but Tony has a downright Proustian association with this particular salami. If there was any doubt of the direness of his current situation before this, it was gone at that instant.

Also, anyone else think the characters all look like they aged about 15 years after the last couple of episodes? I’m not comparing screencaps or anything but damn, they’re looking bad. Those that are still with us, anyway.


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