“yes i go there to read the articles, if you dont like it suck a d–k”

So, a few days ago, AfterEllen.com, more or less in response to (urgh) Maxim, posted its own Hot 100 list, compiled from readers’ choices.

Ways in which that list differed from Maxim’s? Well, Lindsey Lohan wasn’t voted Number One, for starters. That was the talented, hysterically funny, scrumptious, and—at least apparently — sober and almost always fully-conscious, Leisha Hailey.

Well-done there, plus she’s actually a lesbian.


Other variances included the fact that 8 of the top 10 women on the lesbian list weren’t on the Maxim list and only four of the women who made Maxim‘s top 10 made the AfterEllen.com list. So, heads up and you heard it there first, lesbians and straight men aren’t the same.

So, today, there was a post about the response by straight readers to the AfterEllen list, collected from various places on the intArWebs. Apparently a few straight dudes took issue about some of the choices, while others merely waxed philosophical, in a deeply ungrammatical and poorly-spelled fashion:

  • Do lesbians have better taste in women than the typical man?
  • The AfterEllen list has a lot of women on it who are accomplished, or show feminine strength. A lot of the women were probably on Maxim‘s list at one point, but even out of the spotlight, the women still pine for them. Which brings us back to the obvious, women are experience driven.
  • I do encourage everyone to look at The Lesbian Hot 100 List via AfterEllen.com, because it does open the hetero male’s eyes to alot of hotties that we may otherwise not be exposed to.
  • Their top 10 is admirable, although I must admit that I haven’t heard of the majority of these chicks.
  • If liking Tina Fey and Kate Winslet makes me a lesbian, then I am a raging lesbian!
  • So about a month ago, maxim put out their hot100 list. I did not agree with a great deal of things about it. I especialy didnt agree with lindsay lohan being number one. Low and behold today, I find another top 100 list while I was checking out www.afterellen.com (yes its a lesbian site, yes i go there to read the articles, if you dont like it suck a d–k, I like two of the columnists) and I found the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 list. I, apparently, have a very lesbian taste in women.

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