Alfie goes walkabout

Alfie’s been chomping at the bit to go all the way outside, not just onto the deck and yesterday evening, I allowed him a bit of an “expotition” into the great wild beyond of my chaotic backyard.

I’m proceeding with caution before he goes solo. Yeah, I know he’s a cat and has loads of natural instinct. But so do the coyotes and the hawks and owls and snakes out there, not to mention the neighbors’ cats and dogs.

outside 1
Kitty and bodyguard, with the camera crew bringing up the rear.

After about three minutes, he went straight up a tree, as in almost to the very top. He was stalking about, doing that huffing Flehmen response thing, and in this shot, seriously contemplating a leap UP into an adjacent tree. He decided instead to jump the 15 feet to the ground from here, instead of climbing down. He plummeted like a little sack of dirt, not so graceful.

outside 3
The debriefing.

“Hay guise!! I was up a tree! Do I smell different? Am I a tiger now?”

4 Responses

  1. […] Alfie goes walkabout But so do the coyotes and the hawks and owls and snakes out there, not to mention the neighbors cats and dogs…. […]

  2. Thank you for the kitten update. I think its really amazing how the Red Guy has taken over caring for the kitten. Gromit did a good job rasing him.

    It looks like Ira-Vincent is beginning to settle back into being a mutli-cat household again.

    I deal with so many brat animals or bad owners every day that I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing healthy, well behaved, loved, and cared for critters.

    Again, thanks.

  3. Thank YOU!
    Ira has gone from acting as if the kitten simply didn’t exist to hissing avoidance to irritated impatience to occasionally playing with to a state that involves all of those together plus what might pass for affection: even the occasional licking and grooming.
    They are all healthy, loved and cared-for. “Well-behaved” – that’s a whole other thing. They seem to – for the most part- get along with each other. However, despite my best efforts and what I believe is consistency, Possum still wants to chase both cats, Grommit still barks too much and occasionally bullies the pup, and the kitten doesn’t understand he can’t simply kill the parrot.
    In short, my water gun remains fully loaded and close by.

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