Mostly say hooray for our side

I happen to think it’s almost always a mistake to find/seek/put too much stock in any external validation, be it direct or indirect.  That should not be interpreted to mean, however, that it doesn’t suck to be invalidated.  It’s easier to decline validation than it is to get up and brush yourself off and “keep a’goin” after being invalidated, especially when the fuck-off is intentional, especially even more when it’s friendly fire.

This in no small portion informs my view of the so-called Progressive Blogosphere, based on things I’ve personally experienced, as well as, sometimes even more so, by things that mostly have nothing to do with me personally.

Mine is a tiny corner without even a decent window, so my view of said Progressive Blogosphere is not at all unlike the view of the Empire State Building I used to have from an office on East 26th Street. It can be impressive, even inspiring, but it takes a lot of leaning and repositioning and it’s hard to get comfortable.

Been a lot of that lately, which is why I found this so refreshing.


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