It was such a nice morning until…

I got up and had a great cup of coffee, enjoyed watching the deer outside as I ate my breakfast, then started getting ready for my day. I was pulling some jeans out of a pile of clothes I’d left on the floor and WHAM:


In the interest of full blogitudinous ethics, I must disclaimer that the specimen above is not the exact same motherfucker that stung me. That one was disqualified from Casa de Virgotex’s usually quite generous catch and release program.

The worst part of finding these in the house is a reminder that they can be anywhere. I’ve heard anecdotes of encounters in bedsheets, shoes, moving automobiles, and oh yeah, piles of laundry.

Last year, not long after I’d moved in, I had been enjoying a nice long “Calgon take me away” bath, complete with music, magazine and glass of wine. Something caught my eye over on the wall and I realized it was a very tiny, transclucent baby scorpion, waving his perfect little pincers, all “I’z in ur tub, harshin’ ur mellow.”


5 Responses

  1. Oh my GOD! Damn thing! I love all creatures, but wouldn’t want some of the more dangerous ones moving in with me. Not likely though, cos I live in England! The worst it ever gets here is a woodlouse or a tiny earwig, that the creepie crawlies over there where you are would laugh at!

  2. well, to be fair, some regions are worse than others when it comes to the truly scary stuff. The northeastern, cooler, states don’t have the venomous critters like we do.

  3. I thought the stings were pretty bad?

  4. I couldn’t live with that sort of surprise. I moved to Minnesota from southern Missouri to get away from poisonous snakes.

  5. I didn’t realize Missouri had that many poisonous snakes. I don’t think I ever thought about it though.

    Knock on wood, er, laminate, I’ve not yet had a poisonous snake encounter in this new house, or in the immediate environs.

    I’ll leave those to Ivy

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