Climb over it, tunnel under it, or walk over it

Tongue in cheek or not, let’s admit, it’s an imaginative response to a rotten idea.

After leaked federal government documents revealed a “preliminary” plan to put up nearly 400 miles of security fencing up along US-Mexico border, without regard to the impact it might have on regional commerce, and after failing to get a viable response from elected officials and the media by other means, the McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce president took a different tack:

Steve Ahlenius, president of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, sent out an e-mail to 140 media outlets nationwide Tuesday morning with the subject line: “McAllen, Texas calls for wall around Washington D.C.”
“We feel the need to protect ourselves from bad legislation, bad ideas and a waste of tax money,” Ahlenius wrote.
“A wall around their homes and businesses will give the legislators and Washington bureaucrats a better understanding of what kind of message this action will send.
“Let’s see if they decide to climb over it, tunnel under it, or walk over it.”
As of Tuesday afternoon, Ahlenius said he had only received a couple of media phone calls, one from an Univision outlet in Miami that conducted a quick interview.
Still, McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez — who had yet to read the e-mail when contacted Tuesday afternoon — dropped high praise on Ahlenius for his efforts.
I’m glad he’s taking a proactive role in bringing attention to this issue,” the mayor said. “There has not been a proper debate on the issue of the border fence and immigration yet.
As for Ahlenius, while Congress probably won’t be approving his plans for a wall around Washington, D.C., anytime soon, he remains hopeful plans for the fence here will be scaled back.
“Like us putting a wall around Washington (D.C.), how silly is that for us to talk about? That’s how we feel about what they’re doing,” Ahlenius said.

via Rachel Maddow

One Response

  1. If we’re talking about politicians, then my money’s on tunneling rather than climbing.

    And the Bushies will just use dynamite.

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