Pride Post XVII: Spawn of Pride, or — Children of Lesbians and Gays — EVERYWHERE!

© LesbianDad

The tired (but happy) subway ride home. The speculating about whether the hullabaloo was worth it for the kids: questionable; depends on the age; will probably phase in and out. Speculating on the worth for the self: are you kidding? Even if you’re so exhausted you can’t stay up late and write down all the thoughts that have been occurng to you, it’s worth it. Has been for the past umpty-ump (for some of us, twenty-three) years, through various sweeties and none, through one political affiliation or another, active or dormant.

Until it feels this way, any day of the week, any week of the year — the relaxed sense of belonging, everywhere, that you have amongst your kindred on this day — you have to go. Majority status for a minority community, just this one day. Sip long and deep from this trough this day, so’s it’ll last you another 364.
— LesbianDad, And so it goes (Pride in Glimpses)

(1 Baby *)

*3 Dogs, 2 Moms, 1 Baby

Republic of T

Fremont Dads

Bunny’s Hutch

Rarely Pure and Never Simple



That’s just a tiny representative handful of the GLBT family blog community. Visit Mombian’s Resource Directory for a much bigger list of GLBT family blogs. Happily, there are way too many to include in one post.

Visit COLAGE’s resource page for links, info and resources for LGBT parents, children in LGBT families, schools, health professionals, extended familes, etc.


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