Parade’s over

Every Pride celebration, the scheduled events portion anyway, comes to an end. The parade’s long over, the street fairs and dances wrap up, and the queers all go their separate and together ways and “regular” life commences apace.

From the blog stats, I’d say you folks enjoyed my little celebration. I’m happy you’re happy — hey, I’m a giver.

I didn’t plan to  do this. It was an impulse, born not of strategy, but of sentiment and private musings on the anniversary colliding with a crazy, over-scheduled week in the meat-space that left me with little time to read blog posts, much less write my own.

So, since I didn’t really have a plan, I can’t claim this was meant to be any one thing, certainly it wasn’t exhaustive, thorough or even representative.  If there was any organizing principle, it was attitude rather than analysis, stand up rather than stand by, and don’t forget to dance and sing.


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