“Every flag that flies today”


Yeah, it’s reposting something that was posted just a week ago, but some things bear repeating, especially on this day.

A patriot is not a weapon.

A patriot is one who wrestles for the soul of her country
as she wrestles for her own being, for the soul of his country
(gazing through the great circle at Window Rock into the sheen of the Viet Nam Wall)
as he wrestles for his own being. A patriot is a citizen trying to wake
from the burnt-out dream of innocence, the nightmare
of the white general and the Black general posed in their camouflage,
to remember her true country, remember his suffering land: remember
that blessing and cursing are born as twins and separated at birth to meet again in mourning
that the internal emigrant is the most homesick of all women and of all men
that every flag that flies today is a cry of pain.

Adrienne Rich
Section XI, An Atlas of the Difficult World


One Response

  1. new post, re-post, always a fabulous post.

    this brings tears to my eyes. a lot of her words do. I think she’s one of the few writers that consistently writes what’s closest to home. she’s unafraid of bleeding what hurts the most onto her pages. I absolutely love that about her.

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