Just what I needed

After such a depressing week for our country, it seemed a bit odd to be marching in a Fourth of July parade for the first time since probably high school band days.

And there was the whole playing the kazoo in public thing…

But you know what? It was just what I needed: It was gloriously silly and yes, it was certainly a bit odd, and the Texas skies opened up at the end and drenched everyone, marchers and spectators alike, but in the tiny, funky and politically diverse village of Wimberley, no one misses the Fourth of July parade.

So march I did, and somewhere between the laughing and the waving and making a fool of myself, I remembered this day is, after all, about Independence.
be the change


2 Responses

  1. you had such a fab 4th of july. I love this little village. it seems like it should be in upstate new york or in ojai. I’m so glad you found this pocket in bush country. it warms’ma heart.

    happy independence to you, doll.

  2. Happy back to you. Come on down for a visit!

    With due respect, it’s the way it is BECAUSE it’s here and not in NY or California. It’s uniquely Texan, the way the best of Texas can be, still is in places like this, and WAS BEFORE the Bush cancer infected it. The independent individualist populist spirit.

    Remember, the Bush dynasty is not from Texas originally, it just found enough shit, oil, and co-conspirators here here to help it grow to its current proportions.

    (no offense intended, dahlink, just my 6th generation Native Texan roots coming out. I loathe the malignant putrid evil of the Bush family and all of its spawn, and the fact that they’ve polluted and near destroyed not only my country but the state where I come from is at the heart of my bottomless disrespect for them)

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