“Now that we’ve had enough hooch to kill a horse!”



A hellish workday looms and it’s doubtful I can partake of, or participate in, today’s crack party at First Draft so I’ll just send a li’l something something for A and crew.

Because of the breakdown-of-order-into-drunken-ribaldry thing, this song never fails to remind me of the Crack Van:

Mutiny Aboard the Smirnoff, [UPDATED to expire music link.  If you like the music, support the artists and buy it!) from the album Bon Voyage by the dear, departed Munjoy Hill Society, featuring the ridiculously talented Portland legend Darien Brahms.

::dolphin::kitten::motorcycle to you all!

[UPDATED to add link to actual Crack Van window]


2 Responses

  1. it was a very nice crack party, though a little sparsely populated at first. It was intense for a while when both the house and senate committees were meeting at the same time. Good times…

  2. Is my aunt Minnie in there?



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