Madam Speaker, Put it back on the table

Bill Moyers Journal, July 13: John Nichols of The Nation and Bruce Fein of The Washington Times state, and restate, the most compelling explanation I’ve heard for why impeachment can’t be “off the table.”

Watch the video. Or read the transcript

JOHN NICHOLS: But also we would have hit that educational moment, that rare moment where a president of the United States has been forced to– go before the American people and say, “Oh, yeah, I just remembered, you’re the boss. You are the bosses. Not me. And that I am not a king.” Again, this is why raising impeachment at this point, it’s a very late point, is so important. Because we are defining what the presidency will be in the future today because we do know the high crimes and misdemeanors of George Bush and Dick Cheney. They have been well illustrated even by a– rather lax media. They have been discussed in Congress.

If we know these things and we do not hold them to account, then we are saying, as a people and as a Congress, we are saying that we can find out that you have violated the rule of law. We can find out that you have disregarded the Constitution. You– we can find out that you’ve done harm to the republic. But there will still be no penalty for that. If that’s the standard that we’ve set, it will hold. It will not be erased in the future.

via Avedon who is Not Atrios

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  1. Well, it will only be the standard for Republican preznits. Democratic preznits will still be held to the Clinton standard.

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